As a long-standing Apple Certified Consulting firm, our typical approach to support, consultation and maintenance involves one of four options, or a combination of all four, as needed.

S U P P O R T  A G R E E M E N T S

Agreements serve as monthly retainers under which a majority of services typically associated with in-house IT departments is delivered on an outsourced, priority basis and include a dedicated System Administrator.

P E R  P R O J E C T

Projects range from small software deployments to full infrastructure changes! The management of individual projects follows a general proven methodology and can most often be divided into stages:

Stage 1

Needs Assessment

The initial step with all projects is the exploration of the current operating environment to discover all deployed software and hardware relevant to the chosen project, as well as any potential anomalies or areas of concern.

Stage 2


Following discovery, an initial report is typically generated documenting findings, summary, scope of work, methodology, assumptions, deliverables and timelines. If needed, the initial report is then followed up by interim and final reports as the project proceeds

Stage 3


Following the review of the initial report generated during the reporting stage and the addressing of requests for additions/omissions, final pricing for any hardware/software additions deemed necessary is collected and final purchasing decisions made.

Stage 4

Implementation & Testing

The proposed solution is introduced and all relevant hardware, software and services installed and configured..

H O U R L Y  S U P P O R T

Hourly support essentially functions as an open-ended engagement, with all support services listed as part of a Support Agreement and Per-Project approaches delivered as-needed on an hourly basis at standard hourly support rates.


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